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Resident criteria
We are happy to welcome you at Soul Kitchen co-living if you are:
- young (or young in heart) professional and work remotely
- eager to learn and ready to share your knowledge with others
- an open personality and want to become a part of the community
- work on a project, a dream, an idea - you have something that moves you.
- want to find balance between work and recreation
- approach other people's needs with respect
- think, as we do, that our social environment is one of our most valued assets
Selection process
  1. You apply with answering a few questions, just click on "BECOME A RESIDENT".
  2. We will have an online or an offline meeting, will make a tour around the space.
  3. You pay first month of your stay.
  4. You arrive and we are introducing you to all residents, including you to our online chat group and giving you an access to all co-living events.
Ask us a question!
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Address: Moika emb. 62/2, St Petersburg, Russia
email: info@soulkitchen.community
corporate enquiries: b2b@soulkitchen.community

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